Sparkman Wharf

Feel the energy of Tampa’s newest outdoor entertainment and activity hub. Sparkman Wharf is a beautiful waterfront meeting place and it’s not far from the Tampa Aquarium. Many of the most exciting new restaurants in Tampa’s downtown area are housed in shipping containers. Walking around the containers and selecting what you want to eat will lead you to the central courtyard, where you can sit and enjoy your meal. As one of the most innovative dining establishments, The Naked Farmer has received numerous accolades (and one of the best tasting). At the very least, sample one of the many tasty bowls of food that are freely available in the area.

Every day of the week, the main stage hosts a new set of events. Some examples are a movie night, a live concert, and a yoga session. People in the region treat this green space as if it were their own garden. They take a picnic with their animals and enjoy the outdoors. Channelside Garage is a nearby parking structure, or you can walk along the Riverfront Trail to reach Sparkman Wharf. Near the entrance to Sparkman Wharf is the port where the Yacht StarShip departs for its evening trips.

Sparkman Wharf is an exciting and bustling part of downtown Tampa Bay’s waterfront. They are honored to be considered one of the best places for locals to gather and experience culture in their area. In addition to a cozy eating garden, biergarten, and recreational lawn, their building also contains open-concept office space in the loft style and retail space on the ground floor. Join them as they enjoy the best that Tampa, Florida has to offer: beautiful weather, stunning waterfront vistas, live music, craft beer, and delicious cuisine.

Ten of Tampa’s most lauded chefs are currently putting their experimental menus to the test at Sparkman Wharf, and you can eat there for free. Guests at this “dining garden” can choose from menus designed with fast food in mind. The restaurants are all housed in what were once shipping containers, making this an unusual occurrence. Everything from raw oysters to French Vietnamese cuisine to gourmet popsicles is on the menu. The first completed building in Tampa’s $1 billion Water Street development is this outdoor amenity. There are places to eat, drink, and relax, as well as games to play on the grass and a gorgeous view of the ocean.

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