Florida Aquarium

Many interesting animal habitats and displays may be found at Tampa’s Florida Aquarium, which also hosts a number of fun and instructive events. The watershed area depicted by the ecosystems is meant to be representative of the Tampa metropolitan area. This provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to see numerous species of fish and other marine life.

You can meet some of the lemurs and other land dwellers and get up and personal with invertebrates like starfish and anemones. Visitors that pay the admission price to the Florida Aquarium are allowed to enter the facility immediately, bypass any lines, and enjoy the outdoor Splash Pad to cool off. We’ve also thrown in tickets to a couple of 4-D presentations, which take a 3-D movie to the next level of realism by adding special effects and other sensory elements. For an extra price, guests can engage in exclusive behind-the-scenes tours and up-close encounters with animals like swimming with sea turtles and meeting African penguins.

SeaTREK is an amazing aquatic adventure that consists of a guided underwater walking tour. All SeaTREK participants must be at least 10 years old and cannot be qualified divers because the activity takes place in our Heart of the Sea habitat at a depth of 15 feet. They’ll get to swim with spotted eagle rays, bonnethead sharks, and maybe even a loggerhead sea turtle as they explore coral caverns. Because participants in this exciting opportunity to explore the underwater world do not need to be able to swim, it is open to people from all walks of life, including those who are not at ease or familiar with the water.

Experience the wonders of the natural world from above treetops to below the waves at the Florida Aquarium. Learn about the habitats of a wide variety of animals, from those that dwell in your own backyard to others that inhabit far-flung, exotic locales throughout the world. It’s impossible to predict what you’ll see at The Florida Aquarium because there are so many species represented there. Sand tiger sharks, playful otters, tiny seahorses, and curious sea turtles are just some of the marine life that you could encounter there.

You’ll see birds soaring above you in our 80-foot-tall glass dome as you make your way down the Wetlands path, turtles basking in the sun, and freshwater fish darting around as you walk along the water’s edge. Since the Aquarium opened in 1995, lush mangrove forests have evolved for visitors to enjoy. Marvel at the brilliant plumage of roseate spoonbills and white ibises, play with some cheeky river otters, and look into the gator’s glistening eyes for a thrilling experience. You will get to experience both the freshwater and brackish water ecosystems of Florida on this all-encompassing journey. In doing so, your appreciation for Florida’s native species will grow.

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