Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens, Tampa is a 335-acre African-themed amusement park perfect for families. Thrill rides, concerts, and exotic creatures in their native habitats are just some of the attractions.

The Serengeti Night Safari is one of the most well-liked ways to see animals in their natural habitat while also experiencing a recreation of African villages and camps. People visiting the park may get up and personal with animals like sloths and flamingos, feed kangaroos and giraffes from their hands, and even see park personnel care for their patients at the Animal Care Center. These are only a few examples of the unique animal interactions that can be arranged.

While the park’s roller coasters are its most famous attraction, visitors of all ages can enjoy a variety of attractions, from kiddie rides to water rides, at Busch Gardens. But the park’s roller coasters are what bring in the crowds. Guests can choose from a variety of ticket options, including multi-park passes and packages that include in-park dining, when they visit Busch Gardens.

Feel the excitement of racing for the first time on the brand-new Rapids Racer! Each rider receives a two-person raft and races down a slide that is roughly 600 feet long, side by side. Riders will encounter low walls that will put them in a competitive situation as they travel. Passengers will experience the excitement of the pursuit as they whirl by the world’s first dueling saucers at various locations along the route of this amazing ride, which features high-speed tunnels, twists, and more.

The first water slide at Adventure Island to have synchronized lighting and music is called Wahoo Remix, and it was formerly known as Wahoo Run. It’s like nothing you’ve ever done before: a high-octane, family-friendly raft ride with the best party atmosphere ever. Intense thrill fills the once dark tunnels as riders fly through them at over 600 feet per second.

THE TALLEST, FASTEST, and MOST INCREDIBLE HYBRID ROLLER COASTER IN NORTH AMERICA. The Iron Gwazi roller coaster takes excitement to new heights with its 206-foot drop at an angle of 91 degrees and high speeds of 76 miles per hour. Riders on Iron Gwazi get their fangs into a dozen airtime moments, including three inversions of the ride’s signature crocodile, while sinking their teeth into sensations inspired by the crocodile.

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